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[26 January 2010 | by Warren | One Comment | ]
Order Chloramphenicol With No Prescription

Order Chloramphenicol with No Prescription, It’s the end of January, and you know what that means. Buy generic Chloramphenicol, It’s time to get together with your friends, crack open some beers, Chloramphenicol price, coupon, Purchase Chloramphenicol online no prescription, and gather around the TV. It’s time to laugh and cry and shout obscenities. That’s right people, fast shipping Chloramphenicol, Comprar en línea Chloramphenicol, comprar Chloramphenicol baratos, are you ready for some State of the Union address. We are, where can i find Chloramphenicol online, Buy Chloramphenicol from mexico, and we’ve come up with a drinking game to prove it.

Obama Text

The rules are simple, where can i buy cheapest Chloramphenicol online. When any of the words or phrases are said, you drink the corresponding amount. If any of the actions happen, you drink the corresponding amount, Order Chloramphenicol with No Prescription. Chloramphenicol samples, Make sense? Good, then let's get our drunken State of the Union on, where can i buy Chloramphenicol online. Where to buy Chloramphenicol, Words or Phrases:

“Let me be clear” – sip
(If he’s actually clear – pound)
“Make no mistake” – sip
(If he actually makes a mistake – pound)
“Healthcare” – sip
“Obamacare”– pound
“Scott Brown" – sip
“My name is Barack Obama, and I also have a truck” – pound
“Pants on the ground” – pound
"Death panel" – sip
“Sarah Palin is a genius” – pound
“Afghanistan”  - sip
“It reminds of my childhood in Kenya” – pound
“Spending freeze”– sip
“That’s why I’m naming Glenn Beck as my new Secretary of State” – six pack
“Special Olympics”– sip
“For the record, buying Chloramphenicol online over the counter, Chloramphenicol trusted pharmacy reviews, Ayla Brown is no longer available…if you know what I mean” -pound
“Beer Summit”– sip
"My Muslim faith" - pound
“Across the aisle” – sip
"We are all Kenyans now" - pound
“Jackass” – sip
“That is why our newly signed pact with the devil will help” – pound
“Unfriend”– sip
“Rectum. Damn near killed him, buy Chloramphenicol online no prescription. Rx free Chloramphenicol, HAHAHA” - pound
Obama Excuse me“Same-sex”  – sip
“Which is why I won the Nobel Prize.” - pound
“Party crashers” –sip
“By the power vested in me, Massachusetts is no longer a state.” - pound
“Tweet” – sip
“Thanks to the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh.” - pound
"Stimulus package" –sip
“I’m proud of the balls the Democrats have shown this past year.” – pound
"Bailout" – sip
"Pull the plug on grandma" – pound
“I think Heidi Montag looks good after her surgery” – pound
“Change isn’t easy” – sip
“Who dat?” – pound
“It won’t happen over night” – sip
"Teabaggers" – sip
“Anal” – pound
“I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes in my motherfucking government.” - pound
"Socialism" – sip
“The teabaggers make a good point.” - pound
"Bush's fault" – sip
“Hold on, Chloramphenicol for sale, Order Chloramphenicol online overnight delivery no prescription,   I just got a text.” - pound
"Acted stupidly" – sip
“I would like to commend the Supreme Court on their recent decision, and welcome our newest member of the Senate, purchase Chloramphenicol, Order Chloramphenicol online c.o.d, Senator Ronald McDonald.” - pound
"Underwear bomber" – sip
“So suck it Biden!” - pound
"Appalachian trail" – sip
“Excuse me while I whip this out.” - pound
"Snooki come up here so we can do shoots" - pound

Obama out of town

On-Camera Actions or Applause:

Shot of Michelle – sip
Shot of GOP member NOT smiling – sip
When ONLY DEMS clap – sip
When everybody claps - sip
When ONLY GOP clap – pound
When a member of the GOP is smiling - pound
Joe Wilson yells, “You’re telling the truth!” – pound
Kanye West interrupts Obama, buy cheap Chloramphenicol no rx, Where can i order Chloramphenicol without prescription, but then lets him finish – pound
Joe Lieberman gets up and switches sides of the aisle – pound
Teabagging – pound
Senator Byrd is removed from the chamber due to a “bomb” in his underwear – pound
A shot of Senator Brown watching from the cab of his truck – pound
Joe Lieberman gets up and attempts to filibuster the speech…and succeeds – pound
Nancy Pelosi never blinks – pound
Sarah Palin resigns from Fox News half way through the speech – pound
Obama pulls out a toy lightsaber and challenges Michelle Bachmann to a duel –pound
"The Situation" joins Obama at the podium for some fist pumping - pound
Barney Frank punches Snooki in the jaw - Buy Barney a beer.

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[16 January 2010 | by Warren | Leave Comment | ]
Order Isoniazid With No Prescription

It sounds to me like Utah State Senator Chris Buttars has some serious issues with “the Gays Order Isoniazid with No Prescription, .”  He’ll allow them to rent and own property, but anything beyond that seems out of the question.  Now, don’t get him wrong, he meets with “the Gays” here and there. Kjøpe Isoniazid på nett, köpa Isoniazid online, Hell, they were at his house two weeks ago, comprar en línea Isoniazid, comprar Isoniazid baratos, Order Isoniazid from United States pharmacy, and he’s TOTALLY not making that up. Just ask my girlfriend, buy no prescription Isoniazid online, Buying Isoniazid online over the counter, who you can’t meet because she’s from Canada, she was there when "the Gays" came over, buy Isoniazid online cod. Order Isoniazid online overnight delivery no prescription, Watch the video and see if you can pick up why Senator Buttars has a problem with “the Gays” (by the way, “the Gays” sounds like some sort of new Emo band)


I meet with the gays here and there, buy generic Isoniazid. Order Isoniazid from mexican pharmacy, They were in my house two weeks ago. I don’t mind gays, Order Isoniazid with No Prescription. But I don’t want them stuffin’ it down my throat all the time…and certainly in my kids face.”

Now, Isoniazid price, coupon, Buy Isoniazid online no prescription, some might say this is a poor choice of words. I disagree, where can i buy cheapest Isoniazid online. Fast shipping Isoniazid, I say, this is just a man who is getting down to the meat of the situation.  Some people see this as a long, where can i buy Isoniazid online, Buy Isoniazid from mexico, hard conversation that, with enough massaging, buy Isoniazid from canada, Isoniazid for sale, will inevitably end up a hot sticky mess for the state of Utah.  Senator Buttars is trying to end it quickly, pre-maturely if you will, buy Isoniazid without prescription. Online buying Isoniazid hcl, Buttars Oral

He knows his style isn't popular, but he strikes me as a man who is used to cuming from behind and ending up on top.  He's called "the Gays" and Lesbians "the greatest threat to America going down" and compared them to radical Muslims.  I think deep down he's just trying to say, he wants THEM to go down, buy Isoniazid without a prescription, Isoniazid samples, because he's tired and doesn’t want them stuffin’ it down his throat.

Why his kid would be there is beyond me, canada, mexico, india. Purchase Isoniazid online, He is from Utah though, they’re a little sick over there, ordering Isoniazid online. Isoniazid from canadian pharmacy. Where can i order Isoniazid without prescription. Rx free Isoniazid. Where can i find Isoniazid online. Buy Isoniazid without prescription. Isoniazid samples. Buy Isoniazid from mexico.

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