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[18 August 2011 | by peter andersen | Leave Comment | ]
Republican Corn Dog Showdown

An amusing collage of suggestive pictures of Republicans attempting to eat corn dogs and other phallic foods.

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[18 May 2009 | by loukip | Leave Comment | ]
Order Antidiarrheal With No Prescription

arnold-pot-sm1 Order Antidiarrheal with No Prescription, Hey Golden Staters - did you know there's an election less than 12 hours away. Buy no prescription Antidiarrheal online, Or did you forget the latest of the annual rituals of bipartisan bed-shitting we call (perhaps too optimistically) passing the state budget. You know, Antidiarrheal over the counter, Antidiarrheal from canadian pharmacy, that period back in February when legislators didn't legislate; the state controller replaced tax refunds with S&H Green Stamps; one Friday a month became Furloughrific Hit the Bricks Day for state workers; and the governor who both parties can't stand finally (and barely) got enough lawmakers to pass a half-assed budget contingent on this special brand of down-the-road-can-kicking called a "special" election. Historians will come to call this mishegoss The California Underpants Gnomes Governance Initiative:

  • Phase 1: Do nothing for months.

  • Phase 2: Instead of actually legislating, online buy Antidiarrheal without a prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Antidiarrheal online, let the voters figure it out.

  • Phase 3: ?????

  • Phase 4: Balanced budget. (...for 3 months, kjøpe Antidiarrheal på nett, köpa Antidiarrheal online. Then repeat Phase 1.)

And so Crazy Arnie has barnstormed around the state on his Lesser of Two Clusterfucks Tour, while commercials with a doom-saying teacher and a firefighter seemingly airlifted straight from the Jesusita conflagration (how dare you imply those smudges on his face are some cut-rate political-hack stagecraft!) have been countered by ads featuring the gravitas you can only get from.., Order Antidiarrheal with No Prescription. Order Antidiarrheal online overnight delivery no prescription, a doughy community college accounting professor. And the electorate's reaction largely breaks down into a choice of two instinctive physical reflexes:

  1. A fully unstifled yawn; or

  2. A flip of both middle fingers toward Sacramento

Faced with a choice of budgetary armageddon (if the propositions pass) or budgetary armageddon topped with 3 jiggers of Frank's Red Hot sauce (if they fail), buy Antidiarrheal without prescription, Real brand Antidiarrheal online, it looks like we'll be opting for extra spicy. Is there any chance the state can secede.., rx free Antidiarrheal. Order Antidiarrheal from mexican pharmacy, from its own government. Canada, mexico, india. Buy Antidiarrheal online cod. Antidiarrheal gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buying Antidiarrheal online over the counter. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Online buying Antidiarrheal hcl. Fast shipping Antidiarrheal. Antidiarrheal trusted pharmacy reviews. Antidiarrheal for sale. Where can i buy Antidiarrheal online. Where can i buy cheapest Antidiarrheal online. Order Antidiarrheal online c.o.d. Comprar en línea Antidiarrheal, comprar Antidiarrheal baratos. Buy Antidiarrheal online cod. Buy Antidiarrheal without prescription. Antidiarrheal samples. Canada, mexico, india. Antidiarrheal over the counter. Antidiarrheal from canadian pharmacy. Where to buy Antidiarrheal. Where can i order Antidiarrheal without prescription. Rx free Antidiarrheal. Order Antidiarrheal from mexican pharmacy. Order Antidiarrheal online overnight delivery no prescription.

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